August 2019

I’m getting ready for a Road Trip to far West Texas!  Stops may include: Alpine, Marfa (including the Chinati Foundation), Fort Davis, Fort Davis State Park, McDonald Observatory (Star Party, baby!), and points in between.

Looking forward to great lighting for inspirational photographs (and eventually paintings); observing many of the installations at the Chinati Foundation*;  and some super geology!  Whoo Hoo!  I’ll be adding photographs later! If there’s internet (not sure) I’ll be writing up-to-date information!

Taken from one of the light installations looking outside at the Chinati Foundation, January 2019.

The trip was amazing!  I’ve been busy since getting back; but want to share some images from the trip.

I spent the nights at the Indian Lodge inside Fort Davis State Park.  The first morning I woke up early and looked out of my door.

Saw this and decided to drive up the mountain to see the sunrise!

Drove up Sunset Drive (duh)!

Amazing! Sunset at Fort Davis State Park – drive up Sunset Drive (duh)

There were a bunch of people up there (a choral group from ???) who broke into song when the sun finally peeked up over the horizon… So they sang (are you ready?) “God Bless America!”

Well the Marfa, 2019 trip is a memory now – but it is still influencing my recent artwork!


It’s now March of 2020 and I’m just starting a trip from Texas to California (and back); primarily to visit relatives in California – and to get more “data” for new art!

Let’s see how this goes!  Right now I’m in Llano, Texas where we have a second home; and where I’m trying to build a new garage/studio space….. I won’t go into a tirade about contractors in general…..  but things are slowly getting done!

After Llano I’m hoping to go through Albany, TX to visit the Old Jail Art Center!  Watch instagram for my #tinyartreview!