Welcome to my Website!

On this website  I have photos of some of my favorite paintings (aren’t they all?), musings about painting, and notes on road trips that I take.

They are all intertwined — the road trips trigger thoughts about the landscape: what feelings are going through me while I’m experiencing the landscape? can those thoughts be expressed through a 2-D medium? what mediums will I use to best express the sense of place that I experienced?

My goal is to have the viewer see beyond the “place” and see/feel the sense of place.

All paintings are for sale; please contact me at sparksgretchen@gmail.com for pricing.

Acrylic on canvas
Chosen for a juried exhibit soon after I finished it!

Mojave Desert, 41x81 inches, collage and acrylic paint on canvas, artist_ Gretchen Bender SparksPlease explore the website to see more art and read more musings from the artist!

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